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We are a Full-Service Janitorial Cleaning Service in the Greater Chicago Area. At Chicago Clean First, we understand that every business is different. 


It takes nuance to clean and care for every unique workspace according to each customer’s needs. We pride ourselves on the attention to detail we bring to every cleaning, no matter the space. 


Our goal is always to serve our customers with the best commercial cleaning service, delivering personalized cleanings, friendly and professional staff members, and visible results for a pristine clean every time.

Why Choose Chicago Clean First

Chicago Clean First was created with the goal of providing detail-oriented commercial cleaning services to give our clients cleaner, healthier spaces. We believe that your customers and employees should be welcomed into a space that demonstrates your attention to detail and business values. 


Our goal is for the cleanliness of your office not only to speak for itself but also to speak to your business’s capabilities and strengths. We work to translate your professional goals into a spotless and inviting office space.


Chicago Clean First’s services spread beyond Chicago’s city limits. Our commitment to being a high-caliber professional commercial cleaning service extends to the surrounding areas as well. 












Our Services: What You Can Expect

As a business owner, you need access to affordable and high-quality services that enhance both employee and client experiences. Our office cleaning services ensure that at every visit, we provide a thorough cleaning you can rely on. 


These services include:

●  General cleaning and deodorizing

●  Restroom sanitation

●  Garbage removal

●  Dusting and furniture polishing

●  Carpet care

●  Window and upholstery cleaning


Our philosophy is that commercial cleaning services are a reflection of your brand, which is why we have a checklist of tasks at every visit to leave your workplace sanitized and refreshed.

Green Cleaning Services

We take great care with the products we use in your commercial space. Other commercial cleaning services might use harsh cleaning products that release harmful chemicals into the air, water and soil. These aren’t chemicals you want to be used to clean a space where you spend 40 hours (or more) each week!


Every product we use is certified by Green Seal, EcoLogo, or other trusted and accredited organizations. They are biodegradable and earth friendly, and they provide exceptional sanitizing and cleaning power. We also use color-coded microfiber cloths to trap dirt, prevent cross-contamination and minimize the need for toxic cleaning chemicals.

Cleaning for Health and Productivity

Clutter can affect our ability to focus, so a cleaner space can help boost your team’s productivity. Clutter and mess bombard our senses with visual, olfactory and tactile stressors that cause our senses to work overtime. For some, messy workspaces are also the cause of anxiety, stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. 


This is why some offices even are employing a “clean-desk policy”—because having a clear space can provide your employees with a clear head too. A Chicago commercial cleaning company can restore your workplace to a more peaceful, clutter-free, conducive work environment. 


The average office desk is home to more than 100 million bacteria. This might seem staggering, but what is really shocking is that this total is 400 times more bacteria than what you might uncover on the average toilet seat. This means that bacteria and illness can spread quickly throughout an office or commercial workspace in no time. For this reason, we have devised the “cleaning for health” approach to protect the health of your team. To provide an environment that promotes health and keeps illness at bay, we use special equipment to extract dust and prevent its release back into the air. We purify the area and eliminate allergens trapped in carpets and hidden pockets of dust where bacteria live. We clean high-touch surfaces and sanitize hard surfaces. 


It’s time you hired a commercial cleaning company that cares about your success as a business and knows that your workspace is a reflection of who you are as a company. Don’t settle for other Chicago office cleaning services that don’t understand the true impact a clean workspace can have.


Ready to see the Chicago Clean First difference first hand? We offer services to meet all of your commercial cleaning needs. Request a quote today, or schedule a free one-hour consultation to learn more about what we do, and we can learn more about your company, your space and your needs.

Chicago Clean First Team
commercial office cleaning
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