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Healthcare facilities are supposed to be the safest place you can go when you are in need of care, not just because of the people who work there but also because of the environment you enter into. 


When you hire a medical cleaning service, you need one that understands this—a cleaning company that knows that patients are putting their whole trust into your facility to keep things orderly and sanitary. 


Think about your current medical cleaning service. Are they really doing the best job possible, or are they cutting corners to get the job done quicker? Can you truly say you are confident that every nook and cranny of your medical facility is clean? 


When you choose to work with Chicago Clean First, not only will you be able to know your space is clean, but also you’ll be able to see it. You need the medical cleaning services of Chicago Clean First

A Comprehensive Medical Cleaning Service

Chicago Clean First is dedicated to helping medical facilities in and around the Chicago area reach a level of cleanliness they never have experienced before. In a day and age when new germs and viruses pop up every day, medical facilities need a cleaning service that’s up for multiple levels of deep cleaning and disinfection. 


Our medical cleaning services are customizable, made specifically for your space so whether you need a dental office cleaning service or a medical office cleaning service, we have you covered.  


Some of the janitorial services offered in our packages include: 

  • Floorcare: Whether you have carpet, vinyl, hardwood or all three, the medical cleaning services of Chicago Clean First have you covered. 

  • Window Cleaning: Sometimes the only thing patients have to make them smile is the view out of their windows. Let the premier hospital cleaning service in Chicago give your patients a view they can remember. 

  • Dusting: The last thing you need in your medical facility is dust bunnies wreaking havoc on people’s immune systems. Let us dust them away every day so you come into a completely clean space. 

  • Waste Removal: We understand all of the things that go into the trash at medical facilities. We handle the removal and disposal of them with care and get rid of any odor left behind. 

  • Restroom Deep Cleaning: If there’s one place in your building that probably holds the most germs, it’s the restrooms, whether that be the public ones or the ones in patients’ rooms. Chicago Clean First knows all the tips and tricks to make sure every place in the bathroom gets deep cleaned. 

  • Disinfection and Sanitization: Our sanitizing and disinfecting services are of premium quality. We use only high-powered technology and materials to clean hard-to-reach and high-touch surfaces. 


No matter what you’re looking to provide for your medical facility in or around Chicago, Chicago Clean First can provide that. 

The Chicago Clean First Difference

When you choose a medical cleaning service, you really do need the best. You don’t have time to spend money on a company that doesn’t listen to you, only does half the work and costs way too much money. 


Chicago Clean First isn’t like other medical cleaning companies in Chicago. Not only are we budget-friendly, but we: 

  1. Provide a hassle-free service with no convoluted or wordy contracts.

  2. Are a detail-oriented team, so we never cut corners and always make sure you’re happy with our service.

  3. Save you money and time and allow you to focus on what really matters: your medical facility. 

  4. Create a personalized plan for your space.

  5. Always fix the job if it isn’t done right.


Other cleaning companies in Chicago also may say they provide you with this, but we have the track record to prove we actually mean what we say. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk too. 


On top of that, we only ever use green cleaning products, so you’re helping the environment and improving the safety of all of the people who enter your space. 

Chicago’s Superior Medical Cleaning Service

Chicago is a hub of culture, diversity and community. With that comes large communities of people who turn to the medical facilities located all over Chicago and the surrounding areas. 


Those communities need to know the medical facilities they go to are cleaned from top to bottom every day with nothing left out. 


If you’re ready to say confidently that your medical facility has cleanliness unlike any other in the Chicago area, reach out to us today for a free quote

medical cleaning service
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