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On one desk alone, you can have as many as 10 million germs lying in wait for their next victim. And as any educator would know, that’s a huge problem. 


When you work with a school cleaning company to service your school, you need one that understands the number of germs and people who come through your doors every day. 


You need a company that’s versatile, dependable and thorough—one that doesn’t cut corners and sticks to the cleaning plan so everything is completed. 


But finding a school cleaning company in Chicago and the surrounding areas can be tough. Lucky for you, there’s no need to look any further. 


It’s time to work with the school cleaning services of Chicago Clean First. 

A Comprehensive School Cleaning Service

Chicago Clean First offers affordable, high-quality school cleaning services meant to make your life easier. You shouldn’t be wasting your time babysitting your cleaning service—you should be focused on getting home to do the things that you love. 


Once you create your customized cleaning plan with us, we take it from there. We come in, complete our work and leave everything as it was—just way cleaner. 


An example list of some of the services we provide in our school cleaning services include: 

  • General cleaning and deodorizing.

  • Restroom sanitation.

  • Garbage removal.

  • Dusting and furniture polishing.

  • Carpet care.

  • Window and upholstery cleaning.


We consider our services to be client focused, so if there’s something you want us to pay extra attention to when cleaning your school or daycare, don’t hesitate to mention it. 


We’re here to meet your cleaning goals and expectations to help you and your students feel safer and cleaner throughout your long days. 

Daycare Cleaning Services

Other school cleaning companies will call themselves comprehensive but only be trained and certified in certain areas of cleaning. They’ll also only be able to clean certain types of schools.


But when we say comprehensive, we truly mean it. We check every box on your school cleaning checklist and your daycare cleaning checklist. 


Daycare cleaning routines and guidelines are almost as strenuous as hospitals and clinics, meaning they need a cleaning service that’s truly committed to cleaning excellence. 


Not only does Chicago Clean First stay on top of changing cleaning rules and guidelines, but we also work with each daycare to make sure we meet their individual needs


With such young children in a small space, germs and bacteria travel like crazy—and not just on surfaces. Our cleaning professionals take the time to clean your daycare top to bottom, even walls and ceilings, for a clean you can see and feel. 


Additionally, we offer green school cleaning services. All of our cleaning products and solutions are: 

  • Greenseal, EcoLogo or other trusted organization accredited.

  • Biodegradable and earth friendly.


We also use color-coded microfiber cloths to trap dirt, prevent cross-contamination and minimize the need for toxic cleaning chemicals. 

Trained and Certified Cleaning Professionals

From condos to offices to hospitals to schools, Chicago Clean First was born out of the desire to give Chicago and the surrounding areas a cleaning service that could actually perform. 


There’s plenty of commercial cleaning services in Chicago but not one is like Chicago Clean First. Our flexible schedule, affordable prices, and trained and certified professionals create a work ethic unlike any other. 


Our company is rooted in respect, integrity and quality, and our cleaners try to exemplify that in everything they do. 


When you choose to work with Chicago Clean First you get: 

  • A customized cleaning plan.

  • A one-stop-shop for cleaning services.

  • Open lines of communication.

  • A clean you can see and feel.

  • Peace of mind: your money is spent wisely.

  • The ability to focus on what really matters to you.


You shouldn’t be wasting your time worrying about if your school is getting cleaned the way it should be. You shouldn’t be worrying that the money you’re spending is going to a company that doesn’t care. 


Chicago Clean First always cares—and we show it in everything that we do. 

Superior School Cleaning Services in Chicago

Serving Chicago and the surrounding areas, Chicago Clean First is ready to provide your school or daycare exceptional, green school cleaning services. 


Let us show you why working with us will make you never want to go back to another commercial cleaning company again. 


To get started on creating your customized school cleaning plan, reach out today for a free quote. We can’t wait to help your school become clean from top to bottom and give your students a safe environment to thrive in. 

school cleaning service
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