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As a building manager, you’re busy juggling multiple facets of your business. Not only do you have to keep your tenants happy, but you also have to make sure your apartments or condominiums are up to date and as clean as possible. 


Your first idea could be to hire any one of the many condo cleaning services in Chicago. However, they wouldn’t be able to provide you with high-quality, detail-oriented commercial cleaning services like Chicago Clean First

Why Choose Chicago Clean First

Our company was founded to be an above and beyond commercial cleaning service. We’re not like other condo cleaning services in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Here’s why:

  • We genuinely care about you and your property.

  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  • We work with you to create a clean environment you want.

  • We clean for health and productivity.

  • We offer high-quality, detail-oriented services that can’t be found anywhere else.


Due to our many years of service in Chicago and the surrounding areas, we can clean any space and make it look brand new. It just takes a little time, energy and patience. That’s something we understand. 

Our Cleaning Process

How many times have you considered hiring a commercial cleaning service only to decide against it? Mediocre cleaning services are everywhere, and two things you don’t have time to waste are time and money as a building manager. 


We usually let our cleaning and our customer reviews speak for themselves. However, our process alone should showcase how we’re different from other commercial cleaning services in Chicago. 


When you contact us to request a quote, we sit down with you and identify what your needs and wants are with our free one-hour consultation. We believe in providing a service that not only cleans and disinfects your areas but also meets your goals for your business. 


Because what’s the point of hiring a service and not getting everything you want out of it? 


Each of our cleaning services, from condo cleaning services to janitorial services, is customizable. You can add or take off things that you want at no extra cost to you. It’s a plan made completely by you and approved completely by you. 


Not only that, but our services are worth every single penny. We’ll be the last commercial cleaning company you’ll ever have to hire. 

High-Quality Condo Cleaning Services

Clients and employees should be welcomed in a space that demonstrates your attention to detail and business values. Therefore, the cleanliness of your building speaks for itself. We work to translate your professional goals into a spotless and inviting office/commercial location.


Using only the latest and environmentally approved products and technologies, we embark on a complete scouring journey. Whatever business you operate, Chicago Clean First has solutions to match your needs and budget.


This service includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Cleaning the stairs and rails

  2. Cleaning and vacuuming the lobby and hallways

  3. Cleaning the common laundry facilities

  4. Any other common area cleaning needs

Additional Cleaning Services

Not only do we offer condo cleaning services that are well worth their value, but we also offer other services that can be an added benefit to those services.  


For example, connected to every apartment or condominium building is an office area for you and your staff. Can you imagine how many germs and bacteria are lingering on the desks, light switches and doorknobs as you read this? 


Our janitorial services are a perfect add on to clean and disinfect the office area in your building. Our janitorial services can be completely customized to fit your office space, just like our other services can be, so there’s no need to worry about not getting the services you need. 


Our janitorial services include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Floor cleaning (vacuuming, sweeping, mopping).

  • Disinfecting.

  • Window cleaning.

  • Garbage and waste removal.

  • Dusting.


This way you can have a welcoming environment in every part of your building, not just where your tenants are. 

The Best Condo Cleaning Service in Chicago

If you’re a building manager in Chicago or the surrounding areas, request a quote from Chicago Clean First. Our wide array of services is here to meet all of your needs and expectations. 


If you’re not sure about it just yet, that’s OK too. Reach out for a free one-hour consultation instead, and let us get to know you, your company and your needs. 

condo cleaning service
condo cleaning service
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