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We Green Clean

Chicago Clean First’s job is two-fold. We leave your space healthier and looking cleaner. How?

Through research, trials, and routine, we have generated a green cleaning system that works.

Today’s traditional household cleaning products release harmful chemicals which find their way into air, water, and soil. They contribute to ozone depletion and damage plant, animal, and human life. All of our products are certified by Green Seal, EcoLogo, or another accredited organization. By using only these biodegradable, earth-friendly solutions, we transform your home into the most sanitary environment possible for your family, pets, and guests.


We have also implemented the use of microfiber. From color-coded systems to cloths, we’re able to prevent cross-contamination, minimize the need for cleaning chemicals, and trap and remove dirt, rather than spreading the filth.


Finally, we invest in innovative and specialized equipment like our HEPA quality vacuums, which reduce dust diffusion by 99.9%!


We choose our materials wisely, being mindful of your health and the planet’s sustainability. Choose us to continue the green clean cycle.

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