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Spend Your Time Wisely. Let Us Help!

Delegate like a boss!

Whether you design homes, roast coffee, sell real estate, operate a record store, or run any other type of small or medium-sized business that serves your local community, chances are what you do best is closely linked with what it is that you sell. Your talent for what you do is the reason you got into your business in the first place. Sounds simple enough.

Yet people across nearly every industry and line of business often struggle with the basic task of spending their time wisely.

It can be especially difficult (sometimes even maddening) for business owners to shed many of the unwanted tasks that take up their day and get back to the core elements of running their business.

Last fall, small business magazine Inc. and website Business Insider tackled the topic of effective time management. In an article called “7 Signs You Aren't Managing Your Time Effectively,” the two publications identified some of the tendencies business people have that can make them busier than they need to be and, ultimately, less effective at using the time they have. Two of those tendencies stood out:

Not putting yourself first. Author John Rampton states that having a calendar is good, but if you don't use it to block out time to do what it is you need to do to run your business, chances are you're not getting done what you need to or you are simply spending way too many hours at work.

More time spent, less done. The author also points out that putting in more and more time doesn’t always equal being more productive or more successful. What is most important is not how many hours you work, but what you do with, and within, those limited hours.

Delegating for the Win

Running a business, as we all know, is a balancing act. It requires not only talent and ambition, but also organizational skills and time. One of the best things you can do to free up more of your time is to delegate.

The dictionary defines the verb delegate as "to entrust a task or responsibility" to another person, “typically one who is less senior than oneself." Put another way, to delegate can also mean to "send or authorize someone to do something, as a representative."

Think about all of the ways, as a business, you delegate important tasks. As you know, delegating doesn’t just mean hiring an Administrative Assistant to help you handle calls and paperwork. You probably also have an Accountant who handles your taxes and a Bookkeeper who tracks the ins-and-outs of your company’s transactions. Moreover, instead of inventing your own workflow mechanisms and being your own IT department, you probably pay for software and tech support so you can manage your office functions efficiently.

Keeping your business office and workspaces clean and organized can also be time consuming, but it is no less important. Appearances, safety, and efficiency can be everything. But is there a cleaning company that you can rely on?

As a firm that works with businesses of all sizes, Chicago Clean First is the ideal partner for your keeping office, business properties, and facilities tip-top, clean, and spotless. We also know that a cleaner workspace leads to more productivity.

Chicago Clean First has built a great reputation serving individuals and businesses all over the Chicago community. We provide excellent service at a good price, and we just might be the perfect partner for your business when it comes to delegating the unwanted task of handling the maintenance of your company’s workspace.

Contact us at 773-769-9145 or at for a service estimate. You can also contact Chicago Clean First through our website here or at

We hope to help you spend more time on your business. Delegate to us!

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